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  1. Kargupta "SEARCH, polynomial complexity, and the fast messy genetic algorithm"
  2. Kargupta "Information transmission in genetic algorithms and Shannon's second theorem"
  3. Kargupta, Goldberg "Decision making in genetic algorithms: a signal-to-noise perspective"
  4. Kargupta,Deb, Goldberg "Ordering genetic algorithms and deception"
  5. Kazarlis "Introduction to Genetic Algorithms"(In Greek language!)
  6. Keane "Experiences with optimizers in structural design"
  7. Keane, Brown "The design of a satellite boom with enhanced vibration performance using genetic algorithm techniques"
  8. Khuri, Baeck "An Evolutionary Heuristic for the Maximum Vertex Cover Problem"
  9. Khuri "Walsh and Haar functions in genetic algorithms"
  10. Khuri,Baeck, Heitkotter "The zero/one multiple knapsack problem and genetic algorithms"
  11. Khuri,Baeck, Heitkotter "An evolutionary approach to combinatorial optimization problems"
  12. Kingdon, Dekker "The Shape of Space"
  13. Kohlmorgen, Schmeck "Experiences with Fine Grained Parallel Genetic Algorithms"
  14. Kohn " A critical analysis, summary, and classification of current research in the field of evolving neural networks by genetic algorithms"
  15. Kolarov "The Dynamics of Populations in Evolutionary Algorithms: A Parametric Analysis"
  16. Koza "List of Koza's Publications"
  17. Kraft,Marshall,Soraghan, Harvey "Parallel Genetic Algorithms for optimizing morphological filters"
  18. Kraft,Noelle,Schreiber,Marshall, Burkhardt "A Parallel Genetic Algorithm for optimizing morphological filters on inhomogeneus workstation clusters"